Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that treats malocclusion, a condition where the teeth are not effectively situated when the mouth is shut. Dr Tanvir Singh is one of the most recommended orthodontist in Rajendra Nagar, Gangaram Hospital that has had some expertise in making the teeth straight. Treatment can be corrective, to improve an individual’s appearance, yet it frequently means to improve oral capacity, as well. Treatment can improve the presence of the teeth, yet it can likewise prompt better biting and discourse capacity and help shield teeth from harm or rot, sometimes. To accomplish these objectives, we utilizes a scope of clinical dental gadgets, including headgear, plates, and supports.

There are many types of braces available in the market, based on the material there are

Metal braces

These are the metal brackets and wires that the vast majority picture when they hear “braces.” At Dentem We Successfully treat patients with metal braces as they are low in cost and some of the time suit the financial plan of average person , however present day brackets that are more modest and less perceptible are the decision of treatment for some grown-ups and kids. At Dentem, we provide quality and best braces treatment in Rajendra Nagar, Gangaram Hospital.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are similar size and shape as current metal braces, then again, actually they have tooth-shaded or clear brackets that mix in to teeth. Some even use tooth-hued wires to be even less noticeable.At dentem we advance ceramic braces for patients who are all the more stylishly worried as they are not really perceptible when contrasted with metal braces.


Self ligating braces

These braces look very much like the customary braces, they are accessible in both metal and ceramic. They use cuts rather than versatile groups to hold the braces wire set up. At dentem , we treat 80% of our cases utilizing self ligating braces since it helps in treating the case without extricating the tooth in a large portion of the cases. Book your appointment with us to get best braces treatment in Rajendra Nagar, Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi



Invisalign which is a well known removable braces that utilizations clear aligner to fix teeth, without any metal it delicately moves teeth utilizing a progression of straightforward plastic aligner. Dr Tanvir Singh is confirmed to do clear aligners ,at dentem we have effectively completed all the more then 200 cases and a lot more in progress . Since they are no metal wires or brackets , it is helpful for patient as he/she can take aligners out to appreciate every one of the food varieties that would be hard to eat with the fixed braces.


Pre orthodontic trainer

The Pre – Orthodontic TRAINER assists with remedying oral propensities just as adjusting the creating teeth. This will help future orthodontic medicines by making it less unpredictable and diminishing the requirement for extractions . It was intended to give developing youngsters early treatment to their creating orthodontic issue ( from 6 years old when the requirement for treatment in obvious ) Trainer improves the face just as the teeth in view of myofunctional propensities that cause the malocclusion . At dentem , numerous youngsters who were given Pre – orthodontic coach at early age didn’t need the requirement for orthodontic treatment.


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