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Endodontic is a division of dentistry that concerns dental tissues and surrounding roots of a tooth. It essentially treats the soft, living pulp tissue contained by the tooth.


Endodontists are highly accomplished dental experts, who specialize in diagnose and treat toothache and perform root canal treatment(RCT). They intend to save your natural tooth and save you from tooth pain by the root canal treatment(RCT).


During an endodontic or root canal treatment the patient is given ‘nearby sedation’ to numb the influenced district. A sheet of latex/elastic dam is utilized to separate the tooth in a request to keep it dry, perfect and confined during the treatment.

Then, the endodontist will perform opening of the tooth by eliminating all the dead and rotted segment, getting entrance into the mash chamber. Find expert endodontist in Rajendra Nagar, Gangaram Hospital. At that point a few instruments known as endodontic records are utilized to clean the mash canals and reshape it. After complete cleaning and molding is done, the patient’s tooth is loaded up with an elastic like material called GUTTA PERCHA, which is protected and biocompatible. Following not many days or week, a perpetual crown is utilized to cover the tooth and reestablish its biting capacities.

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  1. The procedure is completely painless and comfortable to the patients.
  2. In more than 90% of the cases, treatment can be completed in a single sitting.
  3. To make it very accurate, we are equipped with the latest electronic devices, like apex locators and endomotors.
  4. Treatment of tooth is also possible if it is already root canal treated and still has some problem associated to it.


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Patient Reviews For Endodontists in Dentemcenter, Delhi

Hi, friends, do you need to go for root canal treatment in South Delhi? Well, I needed the treatment for my mother, who had continuous teeth pain, and due to acute sensitivity, she could not eat or drink hot or cold dishes properly. My uncle then suggested us to visit the best endodontists expert clinic, DENTEM, in South Delhi. We found the clinic with necessary sanitisation, and all necessary measures were taken for the Covid-19 pandemic. We found Dr. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Gunita Singh, the best experts for endodontists, who performed my mother’s root canal procedure very professionally and with minimum pain. Now that my mother is all smiling since she can now taste every dish without any problems. I would definitely recommend DENTEM, the best endodontists clinic in Delhi. It is worth visiting them to get smiles back on our faces.

-Raj Kumar-