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How much ever you are standard with brushing and flossing of your teeth, certain food varieties like espresso, tea and red wine do leave an imprint on your teeth. Tooth discolouration can be handily treated in under 30 minutes with cutting edge zoom teeth whitening in Rajendra Nagar Gangaram Hospital. You can get however much 2 to 3 shades lighter than your shading. It is protected and totally non invasive. It is a standout amongst other conceivable/simple restorative medicines. Results The teeth can be delicate and there are a few precautionary measures which should be taken after the treatment. Be that as it may, this goes on for just 24 hours.


It is quite possibly the most well-known dental methods. It includes non intrusive composite holding which is accessible altogether shades and shadings. We at Dentem first select the shade that coordinates with your teeth and afterward develop to safeguard and fix to accomplish the regular look utilizing composite material which resembles the polish of your teeth.

Side effects- it does not last for long.



In specific cases, teeth brightening and composite holding can’t help, the arrangement is dental veneers. It is a magnificent strategy where porcelain veneers are appended to the teeth to fix them. Results don’t keep going long

So we at Dentem, lean toward zirconia crowns. They cap your teeth totally giving you a totally new common look with the dependability and guarantee of 10 years.

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Smile makeover is an exceptionally progressed mix of every above strategy. Wherein full mouth remaking is required, we, at Dentem are quite certain as it is a specific strategy and everybody needn’t bother with this, so case determination, state of oral wellbeing and prerequisite of the patient is remembered prior to taking up the case. All advantages and disadvantages are talked about however once we take up the case, we are certain that patient will leave with a solid delightful smile. This can do marvels to ones smile. Alongside that you can even request more full lips and cheeks. Get smile makeover in Rajendra Nagar, Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi

We will work intimately with you to build up a treatment plan configuration to accomplish precisely what you need. We guaranteed you look with utilitarian worth.



Invisailign or invisible braces has altered the universe of cosmetic dentistry since its presentation into the universe of dentistry. Invisalign is acquiring ubiquity when contrasted with conventional metal braces for adjusting malaligned teeth. It fills both the need of adjusting the malaligned teeth and is made of clear straightforward material, not noticeable to other so meets the stylish requirements of the patient during the treatment time frame. They are acquiring fame among grown-up patients who would prefer not to wear cumbersome metal braces to their working environment or before their companions. Visit Dentem and consult our expert cosmetic dentist in Rajendra Nagar, Gangaram Hospital. Patient comfort increments as there are no metal braces or wire in their mouth and patient can eliminate the aligner while he/she needs to eat and appreciate the food.

*Tooth adornments probably the trendiest choice, where you stroll into the facility and leave with a precious stone on your tooth. The method is directed in 10 mins and can be turned around in under 5 mins .


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My younger brother was habituated to chewing paan masala from a very young age when he joined his higher secondary school. In spite of repeated warnings from my parents and myself as well, he continued with his habits.
Ultimately, over the time, all his frontal teeth were badly damaged and discoloured. He then realized his faults, but it was really too late. He felt ashamed of himself and left his habits. But the deed was done. But as with anybody else, my parents were really worried about his facial looks and then went on for treatment, which could enhance his looks and teeth in particular.
We then tried to find the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi who would help my brother to smile with confidence again. After a long search, we arrived at ‘DENTEM,’ which was genuinely the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi. We found the entire team of doctors at DENTEM, very experts, and specialists in their field. My brother is now fully confident and in flying colours. All thanks to the best cosmetic Dentist in Delhi,

-Ram Kumar –